All Is Revealed On Tonight’s Black Ink Crew: Dutchess’s Dramatic Secrets

Tonight’s episode of Black Ink Crew did not disappoint. There was the crazy relationship drama we’ve come to expect from these co-workers, and the even crazier tattoos they make their living creating for their celebrity clientele. On tonight’s episode, we got a visit from the one and only Mama Jones, and we also learned the heartbreaking news that Dutchess suffered a miscarriage before she and Ceaser took their disastrous trip to Jamaica.

In these clips from tonight’s show, watch Dutchess’s most emotional moments, as she talks about her return to New York and what was at stake when she realized she was pregnant with Cease’s baby. “Dutchess got really f—d up over her miscarriage,” Ceaser explains. “It was a very complicated pregnancy. If it would have went through, I’d have lost both of them. What bothered me about this situation is that Dutchess was willing to die to have this baby.” For Dutchess, the emotions and guilt over the pregnancy are still tormenting her to this day.

Before meeting up with Cease, we learn that Dutchess exiled herself in North Carolina for a while to spend time with family and get the heart surgery she needed. Now she’s on her way back to New York with her mother to settle back into her day to day and see if she can work things out with Ceaser. We know she works things out with him, but will the rest of the Blank Ink family take her back in?

Relations between her and the rest of the cast were not great when she left, but she brought in the one thing that would guarantee that no one would go in on her: Her mom. It’s the perfect solution because no one diffuses tension like a mom, and while her mother spends some quality time with Ceaser on a tour of the shop, Dutchess is finally able to say what she has to say to Walt and the rest of the crew.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Has Dutchess warmed her way back into your hearts now that she’s revealed all the hard times she’s endured?