Tiny And Shekinah: Great Friends, Terrible Business Partners

If Tiny and Shekinah’s friendship was on the periodic table, it would be located with the most volatile of elements, because their friendship is ready to vaporize at any moment. At least they’re aware of this though, and in their efforts to go into business together and hopefully clash a little less, they decide to go on a business retreat run by Laura Dern’s character on Enlightened to work out their differences.

“Welcome to Business Partnering From The Heart,” fake Laura Dern says, in tonight’s Family Hustle highlight of the night. “Aww, that’s cute,” Shekinah replies.

And that’s where the pleasantries end. From here on out, it’s nothing but bickering between Tiny and Shekinah and, personally, if we paid good money to attend this retreat and we got stuck with them in our group, we might ask for a refund.