Cry Me A River: The 6 Tear-Jerking Moments From Black Ink Crew

Got an issue? Get a tissue. This week almost everyone on Black Ink Crew got more in touch with their sensitive side, and the waterworks ensued all episode long. Whether crocodile tears or real pain, the crying just wouldn’t stop.

After boss man Ceaser, fired his sister/receptionist, Tiffany, the siblings awkwardly get together for the first time since receiving her pink slip. With their mom and step-pops there to mediate the importance of “family,” the big blow up…blows up even more! After a whole lot of “broke asses,” and “bitches” get thrown around, the two end their dysfunctional tiff with ugly cries and lip biting.

O’Sh*t can’t seem to find his way out of the sh*tty legal situation he found himself in. His newest baby mama/girlfriend Anya accompanies him to court (for what feels like the zillionth time) to finally find out the length of his sentencing. Instead he gets told his trial will be delayed again for month. As his sanity hangs in the balance, hearing that O’Sh*t’s jail storyline would be prolonged even more, was enough to make us want to cry.

Out of nowhere Puma’s wife, Quani, gets the great idea to have a woman-to-woman talk with her former nemesis Dutchess. What starts out as a conversation outside the building of Walter’s baby shower about how Dutchess feels her silence is misunderstood as anger (side eye), ends back inside with Quani, Dutchess, and her mother inside a crowded bathroom trying to wipe away Dutchess’ tears.

And it didn’t stop there for Dutchess and her sniffling. Once the ladies exit the bathroom Dutchess decides to try and patch things up with Puma, since everyone seems to be in the forgiving mood. After Dutchess explains, “I don’t let people in, I hurt, so I hurt people,” Puma really wasn’t having it.

However after a few more broken teardrops, Puma and Dutchess hug it out with the promise to both put in effort in repairing the relationship.

After self-medicating his depression with a fifth of cognac for few days, O’Sh*t thought he needed “show face” to his soon to be third baby mother, Anya. Frustrated with O’Sh*t’s selfish behavior, a very emotional Anya told O’Sh*t how she felt about him being MIA while she’s pregnant. Doing her best to not a let a tear fall, she left O’Sh*t in the park looking as clueless as he did when he arrived.

Just when you thought the episode couldn’t be any sadder, Ceaser shocks us all! As Dutchess is finishing a tat at the shop, Cease leaves out early to head “home.” But home really turned out to the car of another woman whom Ceaser greets with a kiss. After riding around with the young lady with the censored face, the episode abruptly ends. Cheating on Dutchess? We can only imagine the amount of sobbing and bawling we’ll hear next week.

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