Black Ink Crew Break Ups: The 5 Things Ceaser Shouldn’t Have Said Or Did

  • breakup6

    Ceaser, caught laying in the bed with another woman was pretty terrible. But Dutchess finding out he didn’t wrap up it up either, when his own pops died from AIDS? Insult to injury.

  • breakup2

    We all rolled our eyes when Ceaser called his infidelity a “mistake,” but Dutchess put him in his place saying, “Picking up the wrong keys, that’s making a mistake. Putting your d*ck in another b*thches p*ssy that’s not a mistake.”

  • breakup3

    We know Dutchess had a questionable interaction with one of her exes, but if you forgave her and moved on, now is not the time to bring up Dutchess’ indiscretions. C’mon Cease!

  • breakup7

    Even though Dutchess has shown her moments when she can be one, Ceaser was dead wrong for calling Dutchess a “crazy b*tch,” when he was clearly the one in the wrong.

  • breakup9

    When asked why he did what he did, Ceaser committed the ultimate break up foul when he tried to justify his cheating saying, “What do you expect when you go searching for something?” Ceaser, um, how about we don’t expect you cheat.

In case you missed, this last episode of Black Ink Crew was filled with extreme high notes, like O’Sh*t proposing to his third baby mama Anya with a pawned ring, and Sassy and Dutchess finally burying the hatchet over cigars, Hennessy, and side eyes.

But with the good comes the bad, and this episode went to the lowest of the lows documenting the revealing demise of Dutchess and Ceasers’ on-again and off-again relationship.

What we did learn from watching the break up play out, were the five things you shouldn’t ever do or say when breaking up with someone, because more than likely it’ll make a uncomfortably bad situation, a whole lot worse.

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