Who Won Black Ink Crew ‘s Baby Mama Battle Royale?

  • Coley1

    Anya, not too keen on O’Sh*t and Coley’s friendship, asks Coley why did she ever question the paternity of her child. To which Coley matter-of-factly replied, “You think he’ll be with you if he finds out this isn’t his kid?”

  • anya1

    Kathy joins the battle, and gets ambushed by Anya who is upset that Kathy seems to still have feelings for her future baby daddy. Anya tries to destroy Kathy with, “Obviously you’re emotionally unstable.”

    Pow! A verbal jab that leaves everyone speechless.

  • Kathy1

    Instead of going completely psycho on Anya, Kathy calmly shakes it off, and serves Anya the shady truth about her current situation. “There’s 1, there’s 2, there’s 3, and there has always been other women…and in three or four years he’ll do it again.” TKO?

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A lot of ridiculous moments went down on the last episode of Black Ink Crew, Dutchess decided she wanted to get “BMW” breast implants, Sky admitted to having sex with a vampire, and Ceaser and Dutchess tried to work through that awkward moment when you’re still working with the person you just broke up with. However, it was O’Sh*t that left us SMDH’ing the most.

We know O’Sh*t isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, but we thought he had enough common sense to know trying to get all three of his baby mamas in the same room for a koombayah moment wasn’t the best idea.

Seeing pregnant Anya, cool-as-cucumber Coley, and cray cray Kathy with wine and O’Sh*t in the middle had us on edge. Although no physical blows were thrown, all the verbal sparring was enought to make O’Sh*t run for the hills.

Whether it was Coley questioning the paternity of Anya’s baby girl, Kathy holding on to her and O’Sh*t’s history, or Anya upset she’s even being called a “baby mama,” check out the best one liners of baby mama battle royale above, and tell us who you think won. Let the games begin, ding, ding!

Who Won O’Sh*t’s Baby Mama Battle?

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