Black + White Don’t Mix! See The Hollywood Exes Extended Preview

Hula dancers! Fire dancers! Chest bumps! Four-wheelers! It sure looks like it’s going to an exciting season of Hollywood Exes.

The whole gang is back with the addition of newbie ex Shanna Moakler (ex-wife of Travis Barker but f*ck you, she’s totes her own person). Mayte’s found love but not so much feeling new friends! Jessica is feeling her trainer (a black Jose)!? Drea’s gone and got herself a fianc√© and Sheree having marital woes. Add trips, cocktails and Jessica throwing around all kinds of shade (“Black and white don’t mix!?”). Yup, she says that.

Don’t believe us – check out the extended preview for Hollywood Exes. The new season returns Wednesday, May 7 at 9 PM ET/PT.