He Said, She Said: Ceaser + Dutchess Talk Relationship Status And Black Ink Crew Finale

Our jaws were on the floor after watching the Black Ink Crew finale. We found out about O’Sh*t’s secret fourth baby mama, we couldn’t believe Dutchess actually went through with the procedure and threw some C’s on it, Walter had his baby and admitted he had absolutely no interest in the mother, and by the end of the season everyone on the cast surprisingly seemed to let bygones be bygones.

However, no matter how shocking the finale got, the biggest question mark of all remained, would Cease and Dutch get back together? We chatted with the self proclaimed King and Queen about their current relationship status, the finale, and their thoughts about Season 2.

On Their Current Relationship Status:

Dutchess: “My relationship with Ceaser is very happy. It’s a healthy normal relationship that has ups and downs. Cease is growing, he grew up in a household where he did not have access to his father and his mother was not with the ideal father figure. He didn’t have a first hand account on what it means to be a good man, in a relationship. We are both trying to be more understanding of each other and our pasts. We just have a TV camera in ours and a bunch of people lending their two cents on how they believe our relationship should be. For a long time it was just about his needs. Now it’s starting be be more about us.”

Ceaser: “We are good. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. That was a bump in the road for us, and now we are over it.”

On Dutchess’ New Breasts And The Surgery:

Dutchess: “I think the we as Black people always view things differently than White people, especially with stuff like [plastic surgery] because, in Black families spending money on something like appearance is so trivial and taboo. In the White community it’s more like a standard that you have to look a certain way. Black people see it as a waste of time and money especially when they are struggling to live life day to day.”

Ceaser: “I really don’t care about her boob implants. Honestly if I wasn’t with her I wouldn’t care, and the fact that I am with her makes me care even less. I am really an ass kind of guy.”

On Their Friendships And Struggles With Cast-mates:

Dutchess: “Honestly I’m 30 years old, I’m not too caught up in friends. Relating to Sassy is a big difference from relating to Sky. Sky is my age, she’s been through some of the similar stuff that I’ve gone through, like college, leaving home and being away from all your loved ones. Sassy is 22 years old. She’s never been in college, and she’s lived with her mother for all of her life. She does not understand the things that I’ve endured. We’re just on two different levels.”

Ceaser: “[Out of all the guys], O’Sh*t really puts himself in the worst situations. I mean, look at his baby mamas situation. He switches from woman to woman all the time. I think he has mommy issues.”

On The Miscarriage:

Dutchess: “I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Sharing it in front of the world was definitely hard because you have a lot of insensitive people. I wish I never shared it, I wish I kept it to myself.”

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Who They Are Perceived To Be:

Ceaser: “I give Dutchess credit for keeping me focused and stable. I have a cold heart, and she brings out my emotions. She levels me. However, I don’t think she should take credit for my success as a man/business man. I was already well established and I still would have been successful without her.”

Dutchess: “I am a tough no nonsense type of woman but I’m also a woman first. I am going to be emotional, I am going to cry, I am going to do what ever I want to because I am a woman. This is the first time in my life I actually had to face my emotions. Up until now, everything has gone exactly how I wanted and exactly how I needed it to be. I’m completely misunderstood.”

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