Oh No She Didn’t! Drea Kelly’s Big News On Hollywood Exes

Drea Kelly, doing her best Stevie J rat face, announces her engagement.

It was a relatively calm season premiere for the Hollywood Exes. Calm if you don’t mind Shanna’s buckets of fat, Furgate Part 2, Mayte “accidentally” breaking a jar of raw sugar in Nicole’s kitchen and Nicole’s daughter Bria screaming after her.

But let’s face it – when it comes down to the premiere there’s only one thing we wanna talk about and that’s Drea Kelly’s engagement. R.Kelly’s ex-wife had been off the radar according to Nicole, Mayte, Jessica and Sheree but when she made her grand appearance at the Hollywood Exes’ brunch she came with a man in tow. Oh, and an engagement ring!

Nicole was all, “Fill me in, fill me in!”

Drea (doing her best Stevie J rat face) was all, “Well, all I can say, is ya’ll bitches better be taking pilates because I’m getting married.”


Screaming commences.

What did you think of the premiere of Hollywood Exes? What do you think about Drea getting hitched so quick to Brian?