Get To Know Genetic Lottery Winner Bria Murphy

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This season on Hollywood Exes, Bria Murphy has been front and center, defending her mother Nicole against Mayte Garcia’s fur outbursts, showing her loyalty to her family, and proving she can be the bigger person and apologize when she’s wrong. She’s also damn gorgeous. If you’ve become just as obsessed with Bria as we are now that she’s become a part of the show, we’d like to give you a little primer on the eldest child of Eddie and Nicole Murphy. What else is there to know about Bria?

At 24, she’s made a name for herself as a model and actress, and she was recently cast in a pilot for BET called The Start Up. She’s been a spokesperson for Dark & Lovely hair products, she loves to change up her look, and she spent her childhood hanging out with the likes of Michael Jackson. You can see pics of Bria with the King of Pop, plus some amazing throwback photos of her with her mom and dad, and some of the hottest bikini pics you’ve ever seen. She was blessed with great genes, but clearly she’s come into her own and has made something of herself these days. Bravo, Bria!

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