Marrying The Game Episode 3 : “Step Up”

  • TiffDad

    The episode opens with Tiffney seeking advice from her dad. “Always good when talking about a man, to get advice from a man,” Tiffney says.

  • DadGivesAdvice

    “Life is unpredictable. All you can do is try and make good decisions, and live with the consequences,” Tiffney’s dad says.

  • WritingABook

    Tiffney seeks out the professional help of Cali and Justice to provide artwork for the children’s book she’s working on.

  • justicespeaks

    Justice explains to his mom how it stress him out with his mom’s house being “there” and his dad’s house being, “all the way over there.”

  • thegamelolopool

    The Game lets Lolo know her first mission is to promote and make sure the club is packed for his weekly club nights.

  • Lolo

    Lolo tells The Game that she’s ready to take on more responsibilities.

  • DaddyJay

    The Game tries to explain to Cali why using a white color pencil on white paper just won’t work.

  • TheGameCali

    Instead of going to the club and checking on Lolo’s progress, The Game stays home with the kiddos and makes us say “aww.”

After the stress of co-parenting finally catches up on Justice, who tells his mom Tiffney that he is not fond of living in two houses, both The Game and Tiffney put plans in motion to make sure their children are happy and comfortable no matter where they are.

The Game decides to increase the responsibilities of his assistant Lolo to free up more time for him to spend with his 3 children, while Tiffney seeks her father’s advice to help herself and the kids better understand the breakup. Scroll through the gallery for a few of the highlights of the night.

Tune in and catch the next episode of Marrying The Game Wednesdays 10:30 ET/PT.

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