This ‘N That With Justin From La La’s Full Court Life

There’s no denying that Justin X. Molina has made quite the #impression on this season of La La’s Full Court Life. From being discovered (like, for real, he pushed his way through producers to meet La La) to his trying-to-make-it-happen catchphrases, he’s certainly a character that viewers are loving or loving to hate.

We chatted a bit with Justin and found out his thoughts on must-have cosmetics, celeb style and if he’d choose Beyoncé or Rihanna.

Who is a celebrity, other than La LA who has great red carpet style?

Justin: Jennifer Lopez!!!!! Helloooo, she could never do no wrong.

Your favorite trend right now?

Justin: the Tomboy Varsity-look

What trend do you hate the most?

Justin: Too much leather

Do you like a lot of accessories or understated?

Justin: The more the merrier tbh.

Who’s your biggest style icon?

Justin: Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw” in Sex and the City

What is your cosmetic must-have?

Justin: My Anastasia clear eye brow gel. I mean, my face is the money maker and the brows need to be on point.

What’s your “guiding style” mantra?

Justin: If it’s tight…it’s right.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Justin: “Problem” by Ariana Grande. I think I have a lesbian crush on her.

Beyonce or Rihanna?

Justin: Rihanna!!!!

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[Photo: Instagram]