Marrying The Game: “When I Grow Up”

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This week on Marrying The Game Tiffney and The Game continue to try to distract themselves and their children from the fact that they are no longer one unit.

Being that it’s Tiffney’s turn with the children, The Game fills up his time with his other family, the Blood Money Gang, and decides to take them to play paintball. Team captain of the black team, the Game wages that whichever team loses has get a “L” permanently tattooed on them. With already too many tatts to count, thankfully the Game and his team won.

Once Cali reveals to her mother that she wants to pursue acting, Tiffney takes her daughter’s ambition so seriously she finds a talent agency to assess whether or not Cali is ready for the big screen. After talking to the momager of all momagers Sonja Norwood (Brandy and Ray J’s mother manager), Tiffney decides to simply let Cali be a three-year old, and worry about acting later.

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