Mayte Says She Deserves Same Respect As Prince, Says Jessica Is Stupid

This season on Hollywood Exes, Mayte Garcia has turnt it up. First it was “Fur Gate part 2” and the sugar bowl incident. Then she got under all the ladies skin when she cried “I don’t have Will Smith money!” about child support payments.

Last week, Jessica was in the hot seat when some incriminating and racist texts of hers came out. We caught up with Mayte about why she deserves the same respect as her famous-ex Prince and what she makes of Jessica’s text messages and I.Q.

Do you think because Jessica has dated outside her race she felt like she could say a thing like, ‘black girls and white don’t mix?’ What went through your head when you saw those texts?

I was shocked. I’m a mixture of all races so I have to be just as offended as Sheree, Shamicka…all of us. I get it if you say it to me because I’d be like, ‘Girl, shut up’ but to say it to the other white girl? To say that to another girl of the same race it’s like, whoa. Is there some hidden agenda that you have going on.

Do you feel like the way Jessica spoke about Austin was appropriate? She kept saying he was a “big black hot man” over and over again.

That’s just a thing about Jessica – she has no filter in anything she says which you either like or it offends you. I’ve gotten used to it so whenever she’s like, ’I like black men.’ I’m like, okay. It is what it is. I wasn’t shocked because her boyfriend prior to shooting was also black. In the two years that I’ve known her, I haven’t seen her date anyone of the same race as her. [Laughs] It’s what she likes.

Do you think she’s racist?

Jessica’s a fun girl, she’s a really caring person. I see the stupidity of Jessica but I know she’s a good person and I know that she’s not racist. She’s just stupid. She’s not a bright person.

Lastly, I gotta ask you when it comes to that damn sugar bowl: did you break it?

Who shot J.R.? Ya know!? [Laughs] That’s the question everyone wants to know. It was a beautiful accident. I was heated, it was hot and when I grabbed my bag it was latched onto the sugar bowl and it got swiped. It was a beautiful accident.

Do you feel like Fur Gate part 2 has been resolved?

My argument was that if I was at that party with Prince, Nicole would have told Bria to put her purse in her room. If [fellow anti-fur vegans] Prince or Russell Simmons were there there’s no way that purse would have been next to them. I just didn’t understand why I couldn’t get the same respect from my friend that I know she would have given to Prince.

Find out how Maye moves past the drama and what goes down with Jessica tonight on an all new episode of Hollywood Exes at 9 PM ET/PT.