Marrying The Game Episode 5: “Get Rid Of It”

This week on Marrying The Game Tiffney finishes her children’s book, and The Game makes it known he’s truly finished with the relationship.

As The Game prepares to depart for a two week UK tour, he is saddened by the fact he has to leave his three children for what feels like such a long time. He takes the kiddos out for pizza and ice cream to remind them all the sacrifices he make for them out of love.

Tiffney puts on her entrepreneur hat, and makes a visit to both her editor, and then her illustrator to make sure the book, “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile,” is perfect.

The Game meets with his contractor to make sure his home is finished by the time he returns from tour. The Game finds out that it’ll literally cost him a million dollars to get the outdoor space surrounding his home finished.

While on packing duty for the tour, Lolo finds Tiffney’s engagement ring. The Game gets nostalgic for a second, before telling Lolo to get rid of the ring so he can use the money to buy a pool for the kids.

Finally with her book finished, Tiffney decides to get the opinion of what could be her harshest critics – Cali and Justice. Instead they love it and have a better understanding of Tiffney and The Game’s current situation.

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