ReeRee Turnt Up Times 10 On Hollywood Exes

Tonight on Hollywood Exes the ladies had a little tattoo party and Shanna gave Sheree some of the “good stuff” to curb the pain. Well it was some truth serum and had Sheree spilling the T all over about all of the ladies exes.

<img src="" alt="Martin-Not-Cute" width="400" height="223" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-331864"

She told Shamicka that Martin Lawrence was not cute and asked Shanna how she went from Oscar De La Hoya to Travis Barker

But when it came to Mayte she told her her ex was the prettiest man of the bunch. And she said would give it up to him right then and there. (She also revealed that her ex Will Smith knew how to put those moves down!)

What do you think of Sheree’s latest incarnation “ReeRee?” Were you LOLing or SMDH?