Po’s Moment! Top Aw Moments From La La’s Full Court Life

Tonight on La La’s Full Court Life, La’s bestie Po had a big meeting with Tommy Boy Records and things are on the up and up.

She’s mad excited from the outcome but wants to make sure she gets things popping before she celebrates with her main girls La and Dice.

Dice is happy to be in New York with the fam but is stressed about getting back to Atlanta and having drama with her girl Gocha. Dice opens up to her cuz and La can’t believe Dice didn’t loop her into the drama. Do you think Dice will end up staying in New York City?

Po is stoked to share her big news (she’s going to be working with Tommy Boy Records!) but she has NO time for La La pulling ish about coming to the BK.

What do you think of Po’s budding career? Do you think Dice is going to break it off with Gocha and head back to the Big Apple?