Champagne Showers + Flirting: Marrying The Game Episode 6

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    The UK shows The Game mad love.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459466

    Lolo was so lost-lost this episode.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459463

    Yass Tiffney you better work that stay-cation outfit!

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459461

    Tiffney got all types of confused when the relatively handsome server asked for her order.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459470

    Champagne showers, what a waste of bubbly.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459467

    Tiffney admits to her girlfriends she’ll eventually be open to dating.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459472

    Seemed like there was more flirting than hitting going on at Tiffney’s boxing lessons.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459473

    Just as we thought. Mmmmm hmmm…

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459474

    The face you make when your baby daddy wants to talk to you, and you haven’t spoke face-to-face for months.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459475

    Shout out to iPhones.

  • MarryingTheG_NA_85143729_1459476

    Not all rappers go out and turn up after a great show — some turn down and go night night.

This week on Marrying The Game Tiffney gets inspired by her girlfriends to turn it up notch, and consider getting back in the game, while the The Game turns down on his UK tour and can only really think about his family.

Quickly scroll through the best moments in of Marrying The Game episode 6 in photos, and tune in next Wednesday to catch a all new episode 10:30 ET/PT.

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