Oh No She Didn’t Moments From Hollywood Exes Episode 6

Tonight on an all new episode of Hollywood Exes, Nicole surprises the ladies with a trip to Hawaii. Shamicka and Drea they make it clear to Nik that there will be no vacation with them if Miss Jessica is involved. NOPE.

Take a look at our video highlights and tell us what you thought of their tropical adventure!

Jessica met up with the other ladies again to diffuse the whole “I’m not a racist” thing. She says she doesn’t really care about them anymore and Mayte decides she needs to throw down to so Jessica doesn’t run away.

Shanna wants so badly to not have a fear of flying. Her ex Travis Barker was in a terrible plane crash leaving fellow passenger DJ AM dead. Tonight she met with a therapist to talk about her fear so she can join the ladies in Hawaii.

Lot of drama surrounding whether or not Drea or Jessica are actually going to show up on the tropical island! Shamicka’s all, I never liked her! LOL.

Did Sheree go to hard? The ladies find a puke-y Sheree holding herself up by the toilet. But nah worries, Sheree bounces back and the ladies have some fun at her face’s expense.

What did you think of tonight’s Hollywood Exes? Are the ladies going to be able to ever get past their drama with Jessica?