You Are The Father: VH1 Stars And Their Baby Daddies!

Undeniably many of our VH1 stars have some of the most attractive kids and you know, but they can’t take all the credit. Some of these guys we see regularly on shows like Love & Hip Hop or Black Ink Crew and others we had to scour the internet to find. Check out this gallery to see all of the dads (and moms!) of our smallest VH1 stars.

  • Erica Mena + Raul Conde

    Erica is a protective mama of her son King, who’s dad was Erica’s first husband and Fat Joe’s best friend, Raul Conde.

  • Shaunie + Shaq


    Shaunie and Shaq were married for 13 years and have five kids together. While they’re not together anymore, they still come together frequently for their kids.

  • Sundy Carter + Cedric Carter

    Sundy and Cedric have two kids together, Deja and KK.

  • Mimi Faust + Stevie Jordan


    We all know that Stevie J and Mimi have a daughter, Eva, and she’s absolutely precious.

  • Evelyn Lozada + Some Dude From Brooklyn

    According to Evelyn, the father of her daughter Shanice, is “some dude from brooklyn”.

  • Emily B + Head

    Emily B and her ex, Head, co-parent their teenage daughter, Taina.

  • Laura Govan + Gilbert Arenas

    Laura and Gilbert have had a bumpy road since their days on Basketball Wives and that only makes things more complicated when it comes to them raising their four children.

  • Tammy Rivera + Brian Williams


    We know that Tammy’s husband Waka loves her daughter Charlie, but Charlie’s dad loves her too (and she looks JUST like him).

  • Malaysia + Jannero Pargo

    la Storia foto

    Malaysia and her ex-husband, Jannero, have two daughters and a son from their marriage.

  • Royce Reed + Dwight Howard


    Royce and Dwight have a son, Braylon, who’s 10 years old.

  • Tiny Harris + Zonnie Pullins

    Ever wonder where the name of Tiny’s oldest daughter Zonnique came from? Her dad, who’s name is Zonnie.

  • Sundy Carter + Larry Hughes

    Sundy’s third child, Kennedy, is from her relationship with Larry Hughes.

  • Suzie Ketcham + Michael Olowokandi

    Instagram + Getty Images

    Suzie mentioned that she was Michael’s ex-girlfriend during her time on Basketball Wives, but has kept info about their kids mum.

  • Deelishis + Orlando Gordon

    Deelishis and Orlando have a daughter together and he’s currently in prison serving a 16-year sentence.

  • Emily B + Fabolous


    Emily and Fab have two adorable sons, Johan and Jonas.

  • Evelyn Lozada + Carl Crawford


    Carl and Evelyn were engaged but ended up calling off their engagement and now co-parent Carl Jr..

  • Momma Dee + Darryl Richardson


    We all knew that Ernest isn’t Scrappy’s dad, but here’s a picture of the man that Scrappy was named after.

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