You Are The Father: VH1 Stars And Their Baby Daddies!

  • Erica Mena Raul Conde

    [Photo: Instagram]

  • Sundy Carter Cedric Carter

    [Photos: Instagram]

  • Evelyn Lozada

    [Photo: Instagram]

  • Emily B Head

    [Photos: Instagram]

  • Laura Govan Gilbert Arenas

    [Photo: Instagram]

  • Shanna Moakler Oscar de la Hoya

    [Photo: Getty]

  • Malaysia and Jannero Pargo w son

    [Photo: la Storia foto]

  • Royce Reed Dwight Howard

    [Photos: Instagram]

  • Tiny Harris Zonnie Pullins

    [Photos: Instagram/Blogspot]

  • Sundy Carter Larry Hughes

    [Photos: Instagram/Getty]

  • Suzie Ketcham Michael Olowokandi

    [Photos: Instagram/Getty]

  • Deelishis Orlando Gordon

    [Photos: Blogspot]

  • Emily B Fabolous

    [Photos: Instagram]

  • Evelyn Lozada Carl Crawford

    [Photos: Instagram/Getty]

  • Momma Dee Darryl Richardson

    [Photos: Instagram/Tumblr]

Undeniably many of our VH1 stars have some of the most attractive kids and you know, they can’t take all the credit. In honor of Father’s Day Weekend, we want to shout out some of these unknown guys from the great parental partners, amazing fathers, and simply deadbeat sperm donors.

Some of these men have popped up on a show, some of them are still with their kid’s mother and some of them, well we we scoured the internet to find!

Check out our gallery and let’s give snaps to all the great dads out there and those moms who have to pull double duty ever day!

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!