VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Returns + ‘Sorority Sisters’ Premieres

This week Love & Hip Hop returned to The Big Apple with the Season 5 premiere episode where Erica Mena engaged in a heated argument with newcomer, Chrissy Monroe. On the series premiere of Sorority Sisters, it was revealed that Adrene and April are more than just rivals from different sororities but rival boutique owners.

On Mob Wives Big Ang turned to Victoria Gotti for advice. On Suave Says Gerardo skipped taking his citizenship test and got caught in a lie while on Bye Felicia! life coaches Deb and Missy revealed another set of hot mess transformations! Check out these highlights and more from this past week on VH1!

Love & Hip Hop: Erica Mena Meets Her Match

When Erica Mena made her first appearance back in Season 2, she openly admitted that she was crazy which became evident during her duel with Kimbella. Last season we watched as she threw a dish at Peter Gunz and told him that he couldn’t handle her mouth. On the season 5 premiere episode, Erica Mena meets her match in Chrissy Monroe. When Chrissy interrupts a meeting between Rich and Erica, heated words are exchanged and security has to break up the altercation.

Sorority Sisters: April vs. Adrene

On the series premiere of Sorority Sisters we got our first look of this brand-new cast of sisters. From the very start April and Adrene were pitted against one another due to competing fashion boutiques and rival sororities. When April attends Adrene’s dress swap (after Adrene crashed April’s shoetique), things heat up real fast and battle lines are drawn.

Mob Wives: Big Ang Meets With Victoria Gotti

Considering the fight between Natalie and Karen along with the gossip rumors between Big Ang and Renee, Big Ang turns to the “Boss Of Bosses” for advice… Victoria Gotti. With a little bit of mafia history thrown into the mix, Big Ang meets with Victoria Gotti for advice on how to deal with all the drama among the girls. Victoria provides some extremely insightful tips that will hopefully have the women resolving their issues in no-time.

Suave Says: Gerardo Gets Stuck In A Lie

In order to prove his commitment to his family and this country, Kathy urges Gerardo to take the U.S. citizenship test. But when a business opportunity prevents him from going, Gerardo skips the citizenship test and lies about it to his entire family. Upon returning home, Gerardo ends up digging himself deeper and deeper into a lie.

Bye Felicia!: Monique Reveals Her Makeover

When we first met vegan activity Monique, she had a haircut like a Pilgrim and her apartment was not suitable for living. With the magic touch of life coaches Missy and Deborah (and some much needed hair extensions), Monique reveals her brand new look. Meanwhile, Deb and Missy also worked with Ellie to help her become more responsible and dress in a more sophisticated fashion. Mission Accomplished!

Do you think what Chrissy was saying about Erica Mena is true? Are you Team Adrene or Team April? Should Gerardo have skipped the citizenship test?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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