‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus Clip: Chrissy Wants Chink To Make Her A Priority

Chrissy Monroe puts on a front of being a bad b— but the newbie to Love & Hip Hop still wants her man, Chink Santana to remain faithful to her. In a bonus clip, Chrissy questions Chinks about his disappearance over the course of three days and asks if she’ll ever be a priority for him.

Chink tells Chrissy that his daughters will always come before her because they’re his children. Chrissy seems to take this seriously and says maybe she just needs to learn how to trust Chink. Chink diffuses the argument saying he’s not concerned about his woman’s past, he’s worried about their future together.

What do you think? Are these two built to last? Will their relationship stand the test of reality TV? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.