‘Love And Hip Hop’ Bonus Clip: Did Yandy Cheat On Mendeecees When He Was Locked Up?

After coming home to a warm welcome from Yandy and surprising his sons, Mendeecees starts to get back in the swing of home life. While trying to enjoy the simple things, he just so happens to notice more than a few friendly incoming messages on Yandy’s phone that makes him suspect.

When he goes to confront his fiance about how she kept her time occupied when he was locked up, Yandy goes into defensive mode and instead starts to question Mendeecees on some of his own questionable interactions with women instead.

Just who is deflecting and who is telling the truth? Find out if this a simply a lover’s quarrel or is there more to the story on the next Love & Hip Hop Mondays at 8/7c.

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