‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “He Got Me Sittin’ On A Crate In The Middle Of The Projects”

Yandy and Mendeecees took their cute couplehood to new levels this week on Love & Hip Hop when Yandy brought Mendeecees a positive pregnancy test to the basketball court to share her exciting news. And their reactions to that scene could not be funnier. “Yo, I did NOT really make that shot!” Mendeecees says as he watched the basketball footage back. When he stops playing and sits with Yandy to chat, she comments, “I came to meet him all cute, got on my high-heeled boots, my little shirt dress, and he got me sitting on a crate. A crate in the middle of the projects.”

The couple are so cute when they discuss their baby news, we can’t wait to see them welcome their little girl into the world. Later on in the clip, Chrissy goes off on Chink and Cisco gets a little inappropriate with Diamond’s mom. Watch now!