‘Love And Hip Hop’ Sneak Peek: Peter Gets To An In Labor Amina Just In Time But Is It Enough?

On this past episode of Love & Hip Hop, Peter asked Tara if it was worth trying to work on “them” and well, we all know what Tara thought of that.

In a sneak peek for next week’s episode, a bruised Peter returns to New York to his wife Amina in labor. Just in time, Peter gets to the hospital and tries to level with his baby’s mother about finding closure with Tara while on his trip. But, Peter cannot stop lying.

An emotional Amina feels like sloppy seconds (and can you blame her?) and Peter is concerned that he’s going to stress Amina and/or the baby out while she’s in labor (too late!) Oof. What do you think – is it too late for Peter and Amina to make things right? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8 PM ET/PT.