Mom Fights And Jhonni Blaze’s Booty Meat: 6 Best GIFs Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’

So Mendeecees and Samantha’s mother’s are just going to wild out on TV like that? Who did Samantha’s moms braids? Did Diamond just mush Cisco like he was her son? How many sisters does Amina have? Since when is bringing your families together a surprise? Did you call Rich when Jhonni Blaze leaked his number on Twitter? Was Precious Paris right for checking Rich’s management skills? Does Diamond have a thing for producers that you’ve never heard of their songs?

Just whatttttt is going on?

Amina Still Thinks She’s Not The Side Chick

We Met Jhonni Blaze And Her Blue Shorts

No One Delivers A Neck Roll Quite Like Diamond

Diamond Put Dem Paws On Cisco

Nothing Like A Good Ole’ 50 + Over Mom Fight

How We All Sit Home And Watch Love & Hip Hop New York

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