I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: The Battle For Little Mendeecees Takes An Ugly Turn

Although the Love & Hip Hop franchises never shy away from fights with significant others and baby mamas, sometimes the most dramatic moments come from the cast member’s mothers. Whether it’s Mama Jones and Chrissy Lampkin having a heated argument, Momma Dee and Mignon coming to blows (on more than one occasion), or Michelle Mudarris ready to fight for her daughter, Nikki, we’ve learned one thing – mothers are a force to be reckoned with.

When Mendeecees and his mother, Judy, meet with Samantha and her mother, Kim, to resolve the custody battle for Little Mendeecees, the conversation goes way left when Samantha rudely asks Judy her age. Lesson #1 of communicating with an older woman – never ask her age. As a result, Judy throws a drink at Samantha and her mother, Kim, wilds out to protect her daughter. As security intervenes to break up the altercation, it becomes clear that nothing will be accomplished from this meeting. Mendeecees openly admits, jokingly but partially in truth, that this will not help his case if the custody battle is brought to court.

Did Judy land Mendeecees in icy water by throwing the drink? Rewatch this mama drama moment again and share your thoughts/comments below.