Studio Fights, Baby Contracts, + Dry Cleaning Bills: Top 5 GIFs Of ‘Love And Hip Hop’ This Week

So the fellas are just going to catch up on life in between a strippers butt cheeks? How awkward was Peter’s bring-all-my-families-together pizza party? Was Tara giving a little itty bitty baby shade? Was Kim really concerned about the cleaners bill on that Tom Bored suit? Precious Paris still letting Rich manage her music career with all the issues she has with him? Are we buying Erica and Bow Wow were only “friends” before Erica admitting that they were together? How did we know things were going to go ape sh*t when Tasha called Cisco, Francisco? How funny was it seeing Judy and Kim makeup? Does Jhonni Blaze always use her sex operator voice when she’s talking to Rich?

Just whatttttt is going on?

Mendeecees Got Distracted By A Clap

Chink Stood Up To Chrissy, And We Realized How Short He Was

Precious And Jhonni Had An Impromptu Collabo In The Studio

Kim Just Wants Someone To Pay For Her Suit

We Think Tara Threw Shade At A Baby

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