‘Love And Hip Hop’ Check Yourself: “I’m So Sorry…For Not Being Sorry”

“What was I thinking? Why did I do that? I’m so sorry…For not being sorry!” Precious Paris exclaims when she watches herself attack Jhonni Blaze on this week’s Love & Hip Hop Check Yourself. The jab she threw at Jhonni came out of nowhere — we seriously thought she might accept Jhonni’s apology, which seemed sincere — but clearly she had it all premeditated, but it still shocked everyone, including Rich Dollaz, who laughs it up as he rewatched the whole thing. And Jhonni’s response? “You should’ve hit me and I should’ve fell to the floor…but that didn’t happen, and you got beat the f— up again.” We’ll laugh about all of this when these two are best friends in a couple seasons, right?

Later in the clip, Yandy checks Remy, a.k.a. “Stalkmaster Flex” for her relationship with Mendeecees. Check it!