Neck Nuzzling, Booty Pics, + Closure: The 6 Best Reaction GIFs To ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Tonight

So Diamond is just going to flirt with Rich like she wasn’t just asking him last week to intervene in getting Cisco back? Is it us or was Rich a little to excited to show Chink that magazine spread? Why isn’t Mendeecees apologizing when he knows he made up the hospital story? We thought Tara was already over Peter at the beginning of the season why is she still crying? Why did the scene with Cyn and Cisco really make us cry too? Erica Mena wrong for moving on so fast? How much did you love Amina’s mom reading Peter for filth and calling him a ’vistor father’? What was Charlie Murphy doing on Love & Hip Hop?

Just whatttttt is going on? See the best reactions to the craziest things that happened tonight:

When You Realize You Could Of Knocked It Off In The Restaurant

When Your Girl Keeps Telling You The Same Story About A Guy

When You Are Trying To Show You Care About Some Bullsh*t

When You Have To Keep Hearing Your Man Lie About The Same Thing

When You Know You Started Some Ish

When You Find Out There’s A Chic In The Group Smashing The Homies

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