“Shawty Must’ve Found Out I Like ‘Em Crazy”: The 5 Craziest Diamond Faces Of The Night

Is Kimbella Dr. Phil now or nah? Why did Cisco and Diamond’s friend sound just like Deb Atney? T. Wallace World, c’mon, Tara an image consultant? Was that half as bad as Peter talking to the young men like he’s a role model? Did Rich and  Diamond really smash on the toliet seat in public restroom? How funny were Cyn and Rashida when they found out Diamond and Rich were an item? Was it weird that Amina went to Tara for advice? Is Jhonni Blaze going to fight the entire cast? Just, what is going on?

However, our biggest and most pressing question is what the hell is Diamond going through?  Like we know she’s not quite ready for a straight jacket just yet, but we don’t know how many screws Rich needed to “loosen,” in that bathroom.Is Rich lovin’ really have her that open, or is D. Straw straight loco? ’

Either way check out the top five Diamond Strawberry coo-coo town faces that kept us rolling:

Be Careful What You Say

Tell Em’ Why You Mad Son

Sleep With One Eye Open

Who Are You?

Pop Up and Pop Off

Cyn Got It Right About Diamond Or Nah?

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