I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Erica Mena Says Goodbye To “Love & Hip Hop”

Four years ago Erica Mena graced us with her presence on Love & Hip Hop and reality television has never been the same. #MenaMondays became a staple, much like many of Erica Mena’s outrageous actions and sayings (ahem, “You can’t handle my mouth motherf***er!”). Now, Erica Mena has taken her final bow.

Earlier this month, Erica Mena announced that she would not be returning to Love & Hip Hop. On Part 2 of the Season 5 reunion, Erica Mena discussed in detail with Mona-Scott Young about her decision to leave. As an emotional Erica explained that she does know where she would be without this show, she takes a look back at her most memorable moments from the series.

Will you miss Erica Mena on Love & Hip Hop? Will her exit have a negative impact on the show? Rewatch Erica’s final goodbye and share your thoughts/comments below.