How Did Justin Bieber Avoid All His Exes At The Met Gala? The Gossip Table Explains

That awkward moment.

Who knew Drake and Justin Bieber had so much in common? Drizzy’s “Cause I just see my ex girl, standing with my next girl, standing with the girl that I’m f***ing right now,” line is exactly what the Biebs went through last night.

At the 2015 Met Gala, the pop singer came dressed to impress in a Balmain getup, but so did his love interests. Selena Gomez (ex girl), Kendall Jenner (ex/next girl) and Hailey Baldwin (girl that I’m f***ing right now) were all in attendance. Basically, the making of any guy’s worst nightmare. So how did Bieber manage to dodge all three women at the same venue? The Gossip Table shows us how it’s done. Watch the clip below.