Chains & Whips Excite KD: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 404

Joc gets whipped, Stevie gets clean, and Kalenna gets a baby.

On this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie and Joseline made steps into bettering their relationship and their substance abuse, Kalenna and Tony had a baby, and Khadiyah laid down the law with Yung Joc.

Check out our recap for some of the funniest, most ridiculous, and most scandalous moments from episode 404 now!

  • “But I wanna smoke the weed, Steebie”

    Joseline visits her husband in rehab and doesn’t want to give up the kush. (Still wearing that wig tho!)

  • Kalenna’s all, why you gonna make me film while I’m having contractions, Mona?

    But küte boots, K.

  • Tony (and his beard) say this baby has come at the most “unopportune” time. Smh.

    Tony tells Kalenna (who’s in labor, btw) that he wants to invest their savings in a club.

  • “I GOT A BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS” – Proverbs Karlie Redd

    Karlie and Rasheeda hash out their beef which results in “Karlie’s old” and “Rasheeda’s business is in a closet” jokes.

  • Stevie and Mimi meet in a church. You serious?

    Mimi admits Stevie still makes her laugh. Stevie wants everyone to get along for Eva’s sake. Are these two going to get back together?

  • Nikko gets Margeaux an apartment. In his building. Giggles like a school girl.

    He reveals to his wife, that Mimi orchestrated the whole sex tape but he took the rap because she’s a mother.

  • Sina continues to have no chill.

    Brings an iPad with video of she and Joc sexing to KD’s office. She’s at work, ma.

  • KD tries to break the damn iPad. But thank god for OtterBoxes, I guess?

    She’ll bring the iPad to Joc later.

  • Erica brings Scrappy to court for child support. Scrappy brings Natalie Rowland.

    Someone please send us her local Atlanta commercial.

  • Khadiyah ties Joc up as punishment for “not going all the way” with Sina.

    Force feeds him strawberries and chocolate.

  • KD gives Joc that belt treatment after she makes him watch his indiscretions.

    KD’s booty gets that censored treatment.

  • Kalenna’s bundle of joy, Noah, makes his Love & Hip Hop debut!

    More pics of this cutie pie here!

  • Kalenna invites the girls (Mimi, Karlie, Jessica) over to battle her postpartum.

    She needs that Tea to give her LYFE.

  • This camera person tried it with Jessica Dime’s body.

    But Kalenna’s feeling Dimepiece’s pieces so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The Puerto Rican Princess says that Stevie tries to control her.

    But she agrees to give up drugs (not booze) to support Stevie’s sobriety.

  • Margeaux is v. v. v. excited to see Joseline

    And allegedly give her all the dirt on Mimi?

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