From Mi Colta To Kutty Kats: A Ranking Of All Of Joseline Hernandez’s Songs

What does the Baddest Boosh need to do to have a music breakthrough?

We love Joseline Hernandez’s song “I’m Stingy With My Kutty Kat” and we know you love “Stingy With My Kutty Kat” so we had to open the vault to compare it to some of the Puerto Rican Princess’ other musical endeavors.

From rap to Latin to pop, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has truly tried her hand at every genre (no ballads yet) but what could actually make the Baddest Boosh a legit music star?

Check out some of her music and let us know if you agree. We are rooting for Joseline to breakthrough.

  1. “Mi Colta”

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    What It Is: A straight up rap from the Puerto Rican Princess. Her spit game isn’t exactly top notch and the guest from Dan Toni seems super strange.

    Makes You Feel:: Kinda dirty, tbh.

  2. “I Been Getting Money”

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    What It Is: Joseline saying, “I been gettin’ money” and “Money make me c–” over and over again. Also, the video is filmed it appears in her Atlanta home.

    Makes You Feel: That maybe Joseline inspired Rihanna’s “B—h Better Have My Money”. JK JK JK.

  3. “Shotz”

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    What It Is: A pop song with the Baddest Boosh kind of phoning in some molasses-like talk-singing.

    Makes You Feel: Like if the tempo got turned up, Britney Spears could bring some life to “Shotz”

  4. “La Negra”

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    What It Is: A Latin-infused beat with Joseline rapping in her native tongue. The hook ain’t bad.

    Makes You Feel: Like watching Selena.

  5. “Stingy With My Kutty Kat”

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    What It Is: An infectious pop duet featuring Stevie J. It’s just everything.

    Makes You Feel: Like Stevie J should be making more music for artists again and less reality TV.