Khia Says Miley Cyrus is the “Only White Girl on the Planet” Who Can Do Justice to “My Neck, My Back”

How do we feel about a collaborative track called "Yum Yum Sauce?"

Khia has given Miley Cyrus her stamp of approval for Miley’s cover of “My Neck, My Back” at the Adult Swim upfront party Wednesday night.

Khia spoke to TMZ about Miley’s performance, saying that the singer is “probably the only white girl on the planet that can twerk” and sing the explicit lyrics to her song, all while having it be “acceptable and it be true like my song.”

Khia also revealed that she’s down to be friends with Miley, and has invited her to collaborate on a track she’s working on called “Yum Yum Sauce.” At this point, anything is possible, people.

Does Miley’s performance of “My Neck, My Back” do Khia’s version justice? Khia thinks so. How about you?

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