Mumford & Sons Still Think Kanye West Is the Only Living Rock Star Left

"I think some of the greatest musicians in the world right now are the guys who are chopping up beats," Marcus Mumford says.

Marcus Mumford and Winston Marshall have a lot to learn from Kanye West…and possibly Kendrick Lamar, too. This, according to the Mumford & Sons members themselves.

While chatting with us about Wilder Mind, Mumford and Sons’ third LP, Marcus and Winston followed up on their comments to Billboard last month about Kanye West being the “only rock star left.” And they stuck to their guns.

“Kanye is the only living rock star left,” Winston affirmed.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Marcus added, calling Yeezus a “visionary” and a rock star “in the sense that he does what he wants.” Winston might even throw Kendrick Lamar into the mix, too, because “his new album’s pretty sick.”

Are Kanye and Kendrick the only living rock stars left? Sound off in the comments section below.

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