Kim Kardashian Asks Bruce Jenner About Sex with Her Mom Then Gives His Closet a Makeover

It was invasive, but not surprising. About Bruce Part two did not disappoint.

Michael Arceneaux

Part two of About Bruce kicked off with Kim Kardashian essentially asking her stepfather, “So were you actually attracted to my mom or nah?” The question was rooted in the notion that if Bruce is a woman, does that make parts of his life — namely his marriage — a lie? Bruce assured the girls that he enjoyed sex with their mother and that he was completely heterosexual. Well, until Kim countered that if he is a woman and into women, does that make him a lesbian?

The line of questioning got even more personal — particularly as to whether or not he would undergo a full-fledged sex change. I’m surprised one of them didn’t ask Bruce about his favorite brand of panties. It was invasive, but not surprising.

Still, let me stress again that Kim Kardashian is the best Kardashian followed by Kendall. After Kendall, we can add Scott Disick. Poor, well-dressed Scott. No one told him what was going on with Bruce. That’s a pity because Scott turned out to be one of the most sensitive and understanding of the bunch. It was nice to hear Scott consider Bruce’s feelings, asking questions like, “Was it frustrating being around all these women when you couldn’t be a woman?” Look at Scott: actually giving a damn about someone besides himself.

Unfortunately, Khloé Kardashian continued to be self-involved, harsh, and terrible overall. She didn’t get that from her mama, though. Yes, Kris Jenner finally got her airtime and she did not disappoint.

For those who just assumed Kris Jenner was somewhere filling Bruce’s prescriptions back in the early ’90s and developed amnesia in the last six months, you are mistaken. During a one on one scene between the two, Kris made it clear to Bruce and to us watching that while she knew Bruce struggled with clothing, she did not know to this extent. She also noted that he was angry during the last years of their marriage and that in telling his truth to the world, he must acknowledge what he did wrong.

Kris Jenner actually cried, y’all. And like, I don’t think she needed to think about her pre-E! days to push that level of sadness out of her. She cried genuine tears. I’m lifting you in prayer, Mama Jenner. Dear God, did I just call her that?

Anyway, this is what makes this special and the reality series that will follow so important. I know some people like Wendy Williams feel Bruce’s transition should be done in private. Williams has claimed she felt fooled, seemingly shocked that Bruce is as “fame hungry” as the rest of them. Yeah, Bruce Jenner is one of the most famous athletes in history and did infomercials for exercise videos. Of course he is into fame.

So what if he is, though? As Bruce noted last night, this is an issue where his voice and representation can be helpful. These have been the most useful hours of programming in this entire family’s TV history. It damn near makes me want to watch future episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Damn near. I refuse. I will give you About Bruce season one later this summer, but weekly dates with the family is pushing it.

Then again, if Kim and Bruce become shopping buddies, I’ll watch that every week. I’ve never loathed Kim Kardashian, but I have found her exhausting at times. Nonetheless, watching her come over to Bruce’s house to check out his closet was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

I was so touched when she told Bruce, “Don’t wear leopard.” I nearly shed a thug tear when Kim spotted some other dress and said, “This is horrendous. Can you get rid of that please?” Bruce didn’t listen and ended up being photographed in it later. You should’ve listened, Jenner. Kim knows of what she speaks. Ugh, the scene made me love Kim Kardashian.

You win, E! You win.

P.S. I cannot wait to see Kanye style Bruce.