30 Times We Thanked Our Lucky Stars for Scott Disick

The Lord is in the house.

Scott Disick is a hot mess, but he is the best damn thing to ever happen to the Kardashian-Jenner family. On Keeping Up With the Kardahians and its spin-offs, Kourtney’s boo has documented a fair amount of his own struggles, but we can always count on him to keep things light and to keep it real.

All these years, you’ve been caught up in the drama between the sisters, but we’ve had our eye on the true king of the Kardashian castle: Lord Disick. Here’s why.

  1. He handled Bruce’s transition like a champ.

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    During E!’s About Bruce special, Scott fully supported Bruce’s decision to transition, and actually asked him thoughtful questions about his own feelings. “Bruce is going to open the door for so many people that are finally going to be able to live their life the way they want,” he said. He then brought it back to himself with this epic quote: “Sometimes I thought it was something about me, but I realized that probably I’m just perfect and it’s everybody else around me that’s got issues.” #Perfection

  2. He showers Rob Kardashian with the TLC he deserves.

    You missed your chance, Adrienne.

  3. He offers PDA on the reg.

    Seriously, Adrienne. This could’ve been you.

  4. We can always count on him for a good penis joke.

    Especially when everyone gets a little stiff. (Wink, wink.)

  5. He’s open about his insecurities.

  6. And is one sarcastic SOB.


    It never disappoints.

  7. He takes on the full responsibility of being a lord.

    Something you know you secretly wish you could do.

  8. And isn’t shy about what that role entails.

    I mean, someone has to put those crazy bitches in their place.

  9. While still basking in the glory of being a douche.

    The realest.

  10. There was that time he professed his love for Burger King.

    By stuffing his Louis Vuitton with fried chicken.

  11. He gives Kim real talk.

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    ♫ Back to life, back to reality ♫

  12. And gives real talk about her.

    Exploring previously uncharted territory.

  13. He says what we’re thinking…

    …but are too afraid to vocalize.

  14. He gives Kourt’s sisters selfie advice.

    Without making it weird, and while calling out the media.

  15. Remember the time he left pretentious preppy boy behind?


    Best decision ever.

  16. And transformed into a fine lumbersexual.

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    Taken it sleazy

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    Proving miracles happen.

  17. He understands our obsession with The Notebook.

  18. And wants us to know it.

    So thoughtful.

  19. Todd Kraines.

    We’ll never be over it.

  20. This.

    The limit Humility does not exist!

  21. He’s the cutest dad ever.


    Slightly unexpected.

  22. He’s a major DILF.

    Which was definitely not unexpected.

  23. He and Kourtney are relationship goals in bed.

    Truly an inspiration.

  24. They’re relationship goals in the kitchen.

  25. They’re relationship goals on the waxing table.


    “Honey, I’m gonna part you like the Red Sea.”

  26. They’re #RELATIONSHIPGOALS always.

  27. Under that d-bag exterior, Scott’s really just a softie.

  28. He isn’t shy about being the best.

  29. Mostly because he knows how to live life damn well.


    Scott, we want to personally thank you for putting up with this crazy family for the sake of our entertainment.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.