Was Nicki Minaj Right In Publicly Shaming These Non-Famous People On Instagram?

We vote no.

Nicki Minaj proved she wasn’t here for the shade yesterday when she clapped back at a few Instagram trolls.

Dissing the top Barb on her hair and overall looks, the haters clearly didn’t think they were in for the wrath of the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper. Unfortunately for them, Nicki got fed up of the hate and put them on blast on her Instagram.
When one woman criticized the ponytail she rocked at her big brother’s wedding, Nicki countered by calling her ugly. She fired back at other women as well, posting screenshots of their Instagram accounts with captions outlining their “offenses.”

Though Barbz are always Team Nicki, I can’t help but feel that she’s out of line in this situation.

Sure, I’m a fan of Nicki. I’ve even came to her defense recently against the inherent sexism in the Drake/Meek beef. But Nicki shared photos of these “civilians” knowing full well that it would draw the ire of her millions upon millions of loyal follows, and probably lead to some vicious social attacks. Simply put, Nicki was acting like a bully.

Don’t get us wrong. When I first heard this story I immediately thought, “Well, the trolls are just getting a taste of their own medicine.” But on second thought, it’s more like an overdose. Where followers are concerned, it’s not a fair fight. Picking on someone who has less power than you is bully behavior, and that’s exactly what Nicki did.

Also, let’s be for real. The majority of comments Nicki receives on social media are all love from her adoring fans. Did she seriously have to go searching for the few random negative comments? That’s doing too much. Why focus on 1 percent hate when you get 99 percent love?

After receiving backlash for bullying the ladies, Nicki later decided to tweet out her side of the story.

I understand Nicki is a human being with emotions, just like every one of us. But it’s silly that an A-list celebrity would be be vengeful towards a few people out there who have negative opinions of her appearance. Everyone isn’t your fan, Onika. So don’t be offended when someone disapproves of your hairstyle.

So—and I mean this with love—stop tattletaling to your fans about insignificant disses when you know the people trolling you are no match for the shade your devout fans will gladly throw in your honor. Instead, focus on the love you’re getting from your countless Barbz, family, and friends. Those things vastly outweigh any negativity (big or super small) that may come your way, so isn’t that where your attention belongs?

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