Blac Chyna’s Very First Instagram Pics Prove She Set the Original Thirst Trap

Happy #FlashbackFriday! Time to get pregnant.

Thanks to all of the thirst traps Instababes set left and right these days, the ’gram has become a full-on battlefield. It gets dangerous out there, but while dodging these traps for the sake of our thirst, we commend these ladies for their constant werk. But perhaps it’s time to recognize the one who coined the term “thirst trap” before it was part of our daily vocabulary. Blac Chyna’s traps take days to get out of, which comes as no surprise considering she was setting them before Kylie was even close to being legal. Check out some of her very first pics below and just appreciate all that is sacred about them.

Too far gone.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.