Can We All Look at Sandra Bullock’s Alleged Smokeshow Man For a Sec?

♫ Where have you been all my life ♫

Sandra Bullock, you sneaky, sneaky little mastermind, you. All this time, you had us shipping you and some Prince Charming, a specimen equivalent to your perfect self, who was yet to come. Little did we know, you were *reportedly* shacking up with this salt and pepper, dime-and-a-half, Bryan Randall. You did me proud, SB. You did all of us proud.

Photos of the very shirtless, very ripped LA model and photographer (49) recently surfaced, and I think we should all just stop right here and give miss Bullock (51, cougar status) a standing O.

Check more of the pics out here, get pregnant, rejoice, etc. If I know anything, it’s that Sandra is more than deserving of her happy ending. And this ab-tastic babe is worthy of providing just that. Bravo.

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