Is This Flawless Line a Beyoncé Movie Quote or Song Lyric?

This will determine the true ride-or-die B fans.

Despite her illustrious music career and commercial work, I firmly believe that Beyoncé’s role in Obsessed (2009) is the most important work of her career. The biznitchy lines! The plate-throwing! The final showdown with Ali Larter where Bey literally screams, “Come here, bitch! I’ma wipe the floor with your lil skinny ass!” It’s brilliant, and B was robbed of the Best Actress Oscar that year. (“NOBODY TOUCHES MY CHILD!”)

But Obsessed is just one of many Beyoncé cinematic gems. The greatest part about her films is that the dialogue has the same opulent flair as her song lyrics. In fact, they’re so similar it’s practically impossible to differentiate them just staring at the naked lines. Unless, of course, you’re a ride-or-die member of the Beyhive.

Do you fall in that category? Let’s put you to the test. Comb through the 10 lines below and try to figure out if they’re from a Queen B movie or song lyric. Your fandom is at stake here. Don’t mess it up.