Everything You Need to Know About Presidential Candidate Chris Christie

From policies to dance moves, it's all here.

Chris Christie is one of the (many) candidates for president in the circus that has become the 2016 Election. The two-time New Jersey governor and lifelong resident of the Garden State is an avid Bruce Springsteen fan just celebrating his 53rd birthday. In honor of his big day, and the fact that you really should be informed about the candidates running for office, we’ve compiled some things you probably didn’t know about him ranging from his preferred method of safe sex all the way to his thoughts on gun control. Yes, there is awkward dad dancing involved, too.

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    It was only a few years ago when you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing of the adventures of Snooki, the Situation, JWoww, and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. That was a time that Gov. Christie wasn’t all too fond of. In various interviews he criticized the show for “perpetuat[ing] misconceptions about the state and its citizens.” When Snooki finally did meet the governor it wasn’t the warmest encounter, either.

  2. He and Rand Paul really don’t like one another.

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    The Libertarian candidate for the Republican nomination and Christie have a history of bad blood. After Christie defended President Obama’s daughters (we’ll get there), Paul threw in his two cents, saying that his actions wouldn’t bode well for the primary race. The two clashed once again when they appeared to be on the same side of the vaccination issue (anti-vaxx) until Christie distanced himself from that stance. Oh, and they seriously went at it over surveillance at the first GOP debate.

  3. He’s married with four kids.

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    Mary Pat Foster and Christie married back in 1986 and have two sons and two daughters. Previously Mary had a high-level Wall Street job that she recently departed from, possibly to support her husband’s campaign.

  4. He’s defended President Obama in the past.

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    After a hug seen round the world, Christie offered public statements thanking the President for sending quick aid to his state following Hurricane Sandy devastation. In 2013, the NRA used an ad about the Obama daughters receiving armed protection to convince voters that all children deserved the same treatment. Christie was quick to jump in by saying the children of politicians do not choose to be in this heavily guarded state and described using them as a political pawn as “reprehensible.”

  5. He’s a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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    It’s pretty standard for presidential candidates to make the talk show rounds but Governor Christie has already become somewhat of a staple on Fallon’s show. He appeared in late August to talk about an ice cream run with Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney and his frustration at the last debate. All in all, he’s appeared with Fallon on the late night circuit seven times now, dating back to Fallon’s days on Late Night. If you’re ready for secondhand embarrassment, there’s the above clip of the Evolution of Dad Dancing that will make you cringe until election day.

  6. So, what actually happened with the bridge scandal?

    At this point Chris Christie’s name is synonymous with the scandal that transpired in Fort Lee, NJ. As MTV News explains, a handful of Christie’s staff allegedly orchestrated revenge against the town’s mayor, which caused days of traffic delays for commuters and students around the area. The staffers involved were fired but some still question the governor’s involvement in the scandal.

  7. Like most of us, he uses birth control.

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    OK, so this shouldn’t have been a shocker, but you never know. Since Christie is a Republican and a practicing Christian, many voters struggle with the separation between the two. Rick Santorum has stated that he and his wife do not believe in using birth control in their marriage, but Christie states that he uses “more than the rhythm method.” Why are we still having this conversation in 2015? It may be worth noting that Santorum has eight kids.

  8. His political views are in the middle but lean to the right.

    According to On the Issues, we’ll give you the rundown. Governor Christie is: Pro-Life, not supportive of the LGBT community, a proponent of “free bail” for nonviolent criminals, in agreement that drug addicts should be treated not imprisoned, a fan of mental-health-related background checks for gun purchases, and regretful that he signed Common Core into law in NJ.

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