Caitlyn Jenner DGAF About the Halloween Get-Ups Inspired By Her + More Wednesday Treats

Plus, Stephen Colbert makes his Late Show debut!

We were all polarized a few weeks ago when Caitlyn Jenner-inspired costumes starting popping up on the Internet. If you burned them out of your memory—like us, because we found them insulting AF—here is a refresher:

But how does Caitlyn feel about the parody get-ups? “I’m in on the joke. I don’t think it’s offensive at all,” Caitlyn told Matt Lauer in a new interview, E! Online reports. “I know the community does and they’ve gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it’s great.”

It’s nice she has such a c’est la vie attitude about it. Caitlyn also added, “To be honest with you, I think it’s great. They could have a better looking outfit for him, you know?” If Caitlyn gives these costumes a stamp of approval, we guess we can, too? [E! Online]

  • Stephen Colbert made a triumphant debut as host of CBS’ The Late Show. He stuffed his face with Oreos, stared at George Clooney and shot the breeze with Jeb Bush. All in a day’s work, eh? [VH1]
  • Bruno Mars has been asked to perform at the Super Bowl…again. []
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