Stephen Colbert Stuffing His Face with Oreos During His Late Show Premiere Will Arouse and Amuse You

Sugar high, tbh.

Stephen Colbert-holics received the ultimate fix last night: The Comedy Central icon made his debut as host of The Late Show on CBS. (He’s succeeding David Letterman, who manned the post for 22 years.)

And it was everything Stephen fans wanted and more. Hints of Mr. Colbert’s CC persona shined through the night as he presented a series of gags, monologues, and bits with razor-sharp wit and irony. (Plus…subtle product placement! We saw you, Sabra hummus.)

Oh! And Oreos. During a particularly hilarious segment, Stephen equated his love for Donald Trump’s antics to the tasty cookie (which Mr. Trump recently said he’ll never eat again because Nabisco is moving its factory to Mexico). As Stephen showed his audience a ridiculous Donald clip, he rewarded himself with a cookie. As he played more and more snippets, Stephen’s eye for Oreos became, erm, wilder. He starts stuffing his face with Oreos as Donald videos play on loop.

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