Khloé Kardashian Tells Rob’s Haters to Swerve After He Posts a Cryptic AF Instagram Video

It's a brother and sister kind of thing.

Rob Kardashian is slowly making the libido-spiking comeback we’ve been waiting for. He’s hitting the gym and eating right to shed the 100 pounds he gained last year. (He’s already 15 down!) An Instagram post of Rob looking distinctively slimmer in the face proved this. We’re so excited to get this bae back! Our bodies aren’t ready.

Buuuut the trolls are still out there, and they came out to play last night when Rob posted a strange video of Malcolm X. In the clip, the late human rights activist said he lives like he is already dead and has “no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything.” According to E! Online, one Instagram user—@annofscotland—thought Rob was comparing himself to Malcolm, so she called him out.
Well, Rob’s older sister Khloé wasn’t having any of this bullshit. She caught wind of @annofscotland’s shenanigans and shut her TF down like a goddess. (Seriously, K: marry me.)

“He is not comparing himself you judgmental f–k,” Khloé said, E! reports. “Where did he say he was?!?! He’s simply admiring another man’s wisdom, strength and courage…Can’t one admire another without the stones being thrown. Chill out. Get off my brothers page.”

Don’t mess with siblings, bbs. That’s a sure-fire way to get slapped on the Web.

@annofscotland clearly made nice with Kween Khloé post-spat, because the reality star later wrote, “@annofscotland happy to hear that! He gets criticized for being too private and then when he decides to get back on social media he gets attacked…Let’s all root for Rob.”

Agreed, Khloé! Fingers crossed Rob finds his happiness—no matter what that means.


So tender. ?