Miss America’s CEO Apologized to Vanessa Williams, But Should it Have Been the Other Way Around?

Or do we all just want world peace?

The Miss America pageant actually caught our attention this year when the show opened with CEO Sam Haskell apologizing to Vanessa Williams and her mother Helen for making her resign in 1984. In case you forgot, Vanessa was forced to give up her M.A. crown after nude, girl-on-girl photos of her surfaced. Vanessa took the apology with class and grace, but never issued one back. Should she have?

During the broadcast, Sam hugged Vanessa closely, calling her a “beautiful and talented lady” who “lived [her] life in grace and dignity.” He said none of executives who forced Vanessa to turn in her crown are still with the show, apologizing for “anything that was said or done that made [her] feel any less than the Miss America [she is].” Vanessa welcomed the apology warmly, saying it was “so unexpected but so beautiful.” She thanked Sam for maintaining the integrity of the show, saying: “I love you, I’m so honored to be back.”

Peace and love, warm and fuzzies, yada yada. Great. But can I just say I’m so proud that V stood her ground and didn’t apologize back? She is human and news flash: everybody experiments and is horny in their twenties. That is nothing to apologize for. So, if anyone out there is offended that she didn’t: REBUTTAL ME, BITCHES. And by rebuttal, I mean tell me how you really feel in the comments and this poll below.

Watch what went down here:

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