Kendall Jenner Shaves Her Legs in the Weirdest Place During New York Fashion Week

Listen, she's a working girl.

Kendall Jenner is slaying New York Fashion Week one runway after the next, which is fab AF—but also crazy hectic! And just how is a #werking girl supposed to do everyday things (like shave her legs) when she’s zipping from tent to tent? Well, she has to get creative.

The glam 19-year-old posted an Instagram video of herself yesterday shaving her legs in the back of a car while en route to a show. Soooo weird, but so necessary. Listen, you have to do what you have to do—which is exactly how Kendall captioned the refreshingly un-glam video.

Thanks for proving the fashion girl can still be the everygirl, Kendall. We applaud your hustle.