Thank You, Amber Rose, for Reminding us Sex Is Supposed to Be Fun and Guilt-Free

Did y'all forget?

From inception, the walk of shame has had a negative connotation when really it should be linked to feelings like: “Yeahhhh bitches, I just got some!!!” You just had sex and you should be celebrated, so walk that walk and walk it proud. If you need motivation, watch this brilliant Funny or Die video of feminist queen Amber Rose owning it.

The video is hilarious, but don’t miss the feminist tidbits (like OWNING your bod), and um, hi Matt McGorry. But seriously, when did we all become so prude?? When did we forget that sex is healthy and we should be flaunting the fact that we’re enjoying ourselves?! Instead of shaking your head at walk of shamers, you should be jeal, TBH. Very jeal.

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