Amber Rose Is the Most Underrated Role Model Right Now

Bow TF down.

I appreciate Amber Rose, her sexuality, and unapologetic nature when it comes to flaunting her body. What I don’t appreciate is the Internet treating her like a sex object in return. She shows off her curves and is regarded as “nearly burst[ing] out” of her clothes. She gets a piercing on her face, and for some reason it’s deemed “racy.” And what really pisses me off is people referring to her time and time again as “ratchet.” To me, putting her sexuality on display is liberating, and if you’re so shocked and offended by her body-baring pics and twerking vids, no one is forcing you to look at them. But PS: It’s 2015. And if you’re going to write someone off for putting their beliefs, which differ from your own, on display, then shame on you.

Before taking one glance and judging her, you should realize she’s a forward thinker and badass bitch; and as a woman, or anyone for the matter, you can learn from her and even look up to her. Here’s why.

  • She’s working around the clock to make your life better.

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    In realizing how serious of a problem slut-shaming, assault, rape, and suffocating double standards are in our society, she created The Amber Rose Foundation, to bring light to these issues. In fact, the Amber Rose Slut Walk in L.A., which will include HIV testing and sexual awareness booths, is right around the corner.

  • Her confidence is everything. And yours should be, too.

    Any shape, size, color: She has your back. She wants you to feel as good about yourself as she does about you. So rock what your MF mama gave you.

  • And you preggo ladies: You’re beautiful.

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    If you’re insecure about rocking your baby bump, allow Miss Rose to give you confidence. Because pregnant you is just as, if not more, sexy than usual you.

  • She flaunts her shit, as she damn well should.

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    She supports you and your body, so why can’t she put herself out there for your support in return? And

  • If she wants to twerk in an Uber, she’s gonna twerk in an Uber.

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    IDGAF if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Is she maliciously offending anyone? Is she hurting anyone? No. She’s doing what she feels like in the moment, so just let her fugging live.

  • She won’t stop being who she is just because she’s a mom.

    She’s going to go out and get wild while her son is cozy in bed at home. And the best part is, she doesn’t give a shit what you have to say about it.

  • Her hustle doesn’t sleep.

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    On top of running a charity, working that mom life, and constantly slaying on the ’gram, she’s over here pursuing business venture after business venture. Re$pect.

  • She’s a ride or die chick.

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    Instead of feeding into woman-on-woman hate, she not only stands against it, but proves how obsessed she is with her besties with constant love and support.

  • Did we mention she’s very against slut-shaming?

    U Guys Love Slut Shaming Huh? Good. I feed off that shit. #HowtobeAbadBitch

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    Getting called demeaning names and using the haters as fuel to better herself and others is inspiring.

  • She’s going to support you eating whatever TF you want.

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    In a world way too short of realistic bodies in the media, we need people like Amber around to remind us of how normal people live and enjoy their lives.

  • She’s brutally honest about sex.

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    You laugh because her posts are true and you’ve probably experienced what she’s talking about, yet shake your head and judge her for posting them? GTFOH.

  • She knows your bare self is your flawless self.

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    It’s fun getting dolled up, but you don’t need to put on your face to feel like the fabulous biotch you are.

  • She reinforces the respect you deserve.

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    Even if your SO thinks you’re batshit crazy, you better show your true colors. And if they can’t handle your demands, well, that’s too damn bad for them, because someone out there will.

  • When and if you want to explore your sexuality, she’ll have your back.

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    Because she has, too.

  • She’s not going to apologize.

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    Unless she’s personally attacking something or someone, I don’t see why she would have to. And luckily, neither does she.

  • She makes us rethink how we treat our exes.

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    It’s easy for us to become man-hating women and bash our former flames, but why? Is it necessary?

  • And above all else, she puts family first.

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    While I love her constantly preaching the importance of individuality and sexuality, I admire that she always keeps family values intact as her No. 1 priority, and even her fame hasn’t changed that.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.