Amber Rose Is the Most Underrated Role Model Right Now

Bow TF down.

I appreciate Amber Rose, her sexuality, and unapologetic nature when it comes to flaunting her body. What I don’t appreciate is the Internet treating her like a sex object in return. She shows off her curves and is regarded as “nearly burst[ing] out” of her clothes. She gets a piercing on her face, and for some reason it’s deemed “racy.” And what really pisses me off is people referring to her time and time again as “ratchet.” To me, putting her sexuality on display is liberating, and if you’re so shocked and offended by her body-baring pics and twerking vids, no one is forcing you to look at them. But PS: It’s 2015. And if you’re going to write someone off for putting their beliefs, which differ from your own, on display, then shame on you.

Before taking one glance and judging her, you should realize she’s a forward thinker and badass bitch; and as a woman, or anyone for the matter, you can learn from her and even look up to her. Here’s why.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.